Ético's partners are diverse, spanning the entire supply chain.

Social Business Network

Social Business Network is a UK registered charity and is the major shareholder in Ético. Social Business Network is a group of creative, dynamic institutions and professionals working to challenge inequality by creating innovative, collaborative, cooperative solutions for global development by bringing all levels of the supply chain together to achieve the maximum social, financial and environmental value from their business relationships. Stakeholders such as Social Business Network, Ético and partner cooperatives are able to add value to trading relationships by channeling additional funding to community driven development projects.


CECOCAFEN is the "Union of Coffee cooperatives of the North" based in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. It is a second level cooperative representing 11 cooperatives and 2,715 members who are small coffee farmers. CECOCAFEN specializes in marketing and financial services for its members and it owns a coffee processing plant. It is continuously developing more social and environmental programs including reforestation, educational grants, a women's credit union, and health programs such as cancer screening. CECOCAFEN has become one of the leading exporters in Nicaragua and is famous for the quality of its coffees.

Del Campo

Founded in 1997, Del Campo has become the leading exporter of sesame in Nicaragua and the first certified fair trade sesame supplier to Europe, the United States, Japan and Central America. They also export hibiscus flowers (for tea), peanuts, and cashews. Del Campo is a second level cooperative with 10 cooperative members representing over 2000 farmers from León, Chinandega, Managua and Ometepe Island. It has built its own sesame hulling plant designed to process both organic and conventional hulled and natural sesame.

Cooperative Juan Francisco Paz Silva

The JFPS Cooperative produces sesame and manufactures sesame oil for the Body Shop and L'Oréal. Among its many initiatives are a shop, an acupuncture clinic, a micro finance bank, a model farm, water projects to bring clean running water to outlying villages, and a state certified technical school. The CJFPS now has over 280 member farmers in the northern municipality of Achuapa and is one of the most successful cooperatives in the country and the pioneer partner cooperative for the Recognition of the Unpaid Work of Women.

Raleigh International

Raleigh International is a reputable British volunteer organization known for the relevance and quality of their overseas expeditions and for raising issues of global awareness. Ético and Social Business Network have partnered with Raleigh International since 2001, bringing volunteer brigades together with cooperatives to design and implement sustainable development projects in their rural communities. Our achievements to date include over 30 water projects benefiting over 7,000 people in Achuapa, the design and implementation of raised beds for traditional coffee drying, reforestation and youth environmental activism, and the construction of community cultural centers.

SOPPEXCCA Coffee Cooperative

SOPPEXCCA is the "Union of Agricultural Cooperatives" based in Jinotega, Nicaragua. This second level cooperative has15 member farmer Cooperatives, totaling over 650 men and women coffee farmers. Since its founding in 1997 SOPPEXCCA has established itself as a producer of quality award-winning coffees as well as an industry leader in community development by successfully addressing gender inequality and youth involvement. SOPPEXCCA has innovated support structures for their members to increase land ownership, school attendance, access to the arts, and organic farming technical support, and continues to be a shining example of what organized farmers can achieve.


PRODECOOP is a second level Cooperative based in Estelí, Nicaragua that represents 38 base cooperatives, totaling 2,300 of the smallest coffee farmers in the northern most Segovia region mountains. They are the owners of a state of the art processing plant and have consistently won international awards for quality, including the 1st place Cup of Excellence in 2005 with an organic Fair Trade certified coffee. PRODECOOP is also known for strongly supporting education, food security, organic farming, traceability systems, and gender equality with its members and their communitites.